Thursday, 25 April 2013

to Tristram Hunt

Dear Tristram Hunt
I wrote to you in January 2013, expressing my extreme consternation about Stoke on Trent City Council’s reckless spending and borrowing of money, in particular relating to the proposed move to the Central Business District.
In your reply you questioned my financial figures and stated that only £250,000 has been spent on the Stoke Civic Centre refurbishment and it was just floor one that was refurbished. All floors were refurbished, starting at floor four and working down to floor one. But, as you said, we could continue to debate the merits of such work (and the cost). However, it is too late to stop that money being spent and I am now focusing my concerns with future borrowing.

Referring to the Council’s financial acumen, I directly quote from your letter ‘I have more faith in their competency than you do’, In light of recent revelations about:
1. The City’s £280m debt
2. The arrest of a Labour councillor on theft charges
3. Mark Meredith’s scandal-related resignation
4. Missing cash from the Labour party’s bank account
5. The abandoned plans to borrow another £19m due to public backlash
..... and no doubt more financial irregularities that have not yet come to light, I have one question for you: Do you still have ‘faith in their competency’?
This is a city in ruins.
Yours sincerely.
Anne Farrington

Tristram Hunts Reply 

compared to his reply back 

Tristram Hunr 22nd January Reply

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