Monday, 22 April 2013

Report from the Correspondence Sub-group

We held a Correspondence Sub-group meeting tonight and these are our actions:

Diane Morgan: email Mark Meredith to ask (a) why he is still councillor for Northwood and Birches Head when he is no longer deemed fit to be on a cabinet member and (b) when he intends to respond to the hitherto unanswered questions about the Dimensions scandal. 

Chris Nightingale: email Mark Meredith to ask to explain his poor attendance record at council meetings. Write to the Crime Commissioner for his opinion on Mark Meredith’s recent cabinet resignation.

Anne Farrington: email local councillor again to ask why he didn’t answer the original question on the new Civic Centre finance but passed it on to Mark Meredith.

Alan Lear: write to the Sentinel citing the recent disclosure about the City being over £200m in debt and why the council is still intent on borrowing millions more.

All four of us: write to our local MPs about the massive debt the City is in and their views on the flawed wisdom of borrowing millions more to finance a risky new venture in Hanley.

All correspondence (and responses) will be posted on Facebook and here as soon as they are available.

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