Friday, 26 April 2013

Stoke Councils reminds residents we have no Elections

Is it now time for Council Leader Mohammed Pervez to announce 32 by-elections and give the residents of Stoke back their votes that were removed?
Residents are being reminded that there are no local elections scheduled in Stoke-on-Trent on May 2.
Stoke-on-Trent City Council is issuing the reminder having had a flurry of calls from residents enquiring about an election elsewhere in Staffordshire on the date.
Residents in neighbouring Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire Moorlands and other areas of the county will be going to the polls on Thursday 2 May for a Staffordshire County Council election. But this election does not involve Stoke-on-Trent.
Paul Hackney, assistant director for legal services, said: “We have received several hundred calls from residents enquiring about the county council election, and asking why they haven’t been issued with poll cards.
“Residents might have relatives who live over the administrative border where elections are taking place. But I’d like to be very clear and stress that there are no elections in Stoke-on-Trent next week.
“The next scheduled election involving Stoke-on-Trent is a European election next May, and residents will be informed of this in good time, closer to the date. The next local election in the city is scheduled for May 2015.”

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