Thursday, 25 April 2013

Diane Morgan to Tristram Hunt

Dear Tristram Hunt,

In a city faced with numerous challenges both social and economic it is
with exasperation that I learn of the current £280,000,000 City Council
debt, not to forget the addition of the ever changing cost of the
Central Business District in Hanley.

I have two questions;

How can the city possibly start its recovery from the national and
local economic downturns with overwhelming debts?

How has this situation arisen, indeed how can a city on its financial
knees be granted more loans?

On a closing cultural note, I watched with pride a television programme
recently about the life and achievements of one of the greatest sons
and industrialists of the Potteries, Josiah Wedgewood, who along with
others put this city on the map. What would these great people think of
the city now I wonder?

I note the home of Josiah Wedgewood is for sale. What a missed
opportunity for tourism/heritage trails, another part of the Potteries
unique history possibly lost for ever, the cost of which to develop
would be minimal in comparison to other developments.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email

Yours sincerely,

Diane Morgan

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