Thursday, 31 October 2013

Michael White (Stoke British National Party) answers our Questions

1 I give my assurance that I will do my upmost to represent the residents of Baddeley, Milton and Norton and to listen to their opinions. My top priority will be to put the interests of the people first.

2 Being busy in the community, interacting with the residents, listening to them, working alongside them.

3 a. I chose this ward because I was asked to stand there by my former neighbours (I used to live in the ward).  Many people in the ward feel unrepresented and let down by the council and the current set of councillors. I feel a great sense of injustice for the folks of this ward, and so I'm determined work hard and fight to right the wrongs that they are suffering under. The current council

   b Clearly, Stoke-on-Trent City Council does not listen to the people of this city. The council didn't listen to the people over the old folks care home closures and the council has been implicated in several hostile agendas that bring damage our city. I believe it is vital that this rogue council is confronted and exposed.

   c Conscience!  Knowing that I've done my job to the best of my ability that I know I have represented and worked hard for my constituents.

   d there are several national issues that are of great importance to this city. The HS2 project will damage this city if it is completed, also, this city is desperate for massive investment in our local economy. If elected, I will be digging deeply into both of these issues.

   e my personal politics dictate that I will always put the interests of the people first; the party interests must never take priority over the interests of the people! which ever culture or back ground they come from

4 The Labour Council's plan to build a new civic centre costing £50million or more is absurd and irresponsible. This 'vanity project' exposes these Labour 'prima donnas' for what they are, more important it exposes their inner values.

5 The ward is desperate for social unity. We need to invest in a fully functioning and highly 'pro-active' community centre as a matter of urgency!

Dealing with the real issues on the estate. The council allocating properties to known drug users/dealers and known anti-social people and families is a major problem.

bring in help to tackle the high unemployment in the area helping the residents out not just letting the residents’ opinion's fall on deaf ears

6 Being remembered for standing up to this incompetent and arrogant Labour Council. Putting the power of control back into the hands of the people, giving the people of our dear city the pride and self-respect back that has been taken from them.

Michael white

stoke British national party

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