Wednesday, 9 October 2013

By-Election Questions

The below has been sent to all candidates known so far City Independent Group, Conservatives, Green Party and Labour, responses will be published in Full when or if we receive them.

I am writing to all candidates for the Baddeley, Milton and Norton ward By-Election, on behalf of the members of March on Stoke, March on Stoke was set up with 2 aims..

1. to oppose building of a new Civic Centre
2. to increase political awareness

With the second aim in mind, can you please answer the below questions compiled by local residents, all replies (and none replies) will be shared on Facebook, local blogs and by social media.

1. What assurance can you give that you will listen to, and respect, the opinions expressed by members of your electorate ? If elected, do you undertake to represent these views in any and all council discussions, whether or not they may conflict with any 'party' view ?

2. How will you increase political engagement and communicate with ward residents?

3.  Put the following in order of priority, and give reasons. The list is in alphabetical order so as not to show preference.

city - conscience - national interest - party - ward

4.  Do you believe the specious argument from the Council that £50+M on a new HQ in Hanley is money well spent? If not, what do you believe would be a better option?

5. What would be your priorities for Baddeley Milton and Norton, and your overall priority for the City as a whole?

6. What redevelopment/improvement will you aim for in your ward given such plans for the redevelopment of hanley town centre?

7. Should you be elected, what would you like to be remembered for come the Full Council Election in 2015, and will you be standing again in this ward?

Members of the March on Stoke Facebook Group

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