Friday, 22 March 2013

Poetic justice for wasting cash

How long will this awful-looking new civic centre 'glass house' last before another mistake needs to be rectified?

At last a conclusion has just come to mind,
What to make of that building (the kaleidoscope kind!)
From all over Britain, we'll be looked on with pity,
At the thousands of pounds the council wastes in our city!
When buildings of beauty are shunned, or knocked down,
And out-of-work people just waiver around.
So much money is squandered – to please such a few,
When it could be used, to start business anew.
Re-open a potbank – or encourage people to try,
To work for themselves, and help them aim high.
For when man has a purpose, each day brings him joy,
He'll work hard to improve, and more people employ.
So all that he needs is a helping donation,
To give start to his future, and help to our nation.
So my vision of spending's not on glass of all hues,
But on helping the city to banish its blues!
Employ folk to alter, or 'do up' our towns,
It won't cost as much as the thousands of pounds.
That the 'few' seem to think that it's their place to squander.
And create little places where the redundant may wander.


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