Thursday, 21 March 2013

Next Meeting

Thursday 21st March 2013 Full Council Meeting 5:30pm


  1. Great idea for us to get together again down at the council. But I'd just like to make a suggestion that those who want to debate and make a noise stay outside and those who want to observe how the council operates go in but stay quiet. There are chances to arrange in advance to speak at council meetings but that doesn't include speaking after just turning up.

  2. The above comment of mine was made on a different article. Notice it is dated 25/2/13 prior to the current article date. So by some weirdness of the website it has ended up in the wrong place and isn't so relevant.

  3. Yes I've just over write details of next meeting with next meeting details :)

    no point have a blog full of meeting details from the past, suppose for history purposes it may be nice to watch how we progressed around the City