Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Stoke Council Budget 2014/15 Consultation

Consultation on the budget proposals will run from Wednesday 20 November to Friday 20 December. Residents can have their say via, or, and copy them to and we will publish here too

Scraping the second Civic Centre would prevent the “increase in the on-going revenue costs of operating its buildings (additional costs in 2015/16 are £7.9m falling to £2.8m by 2018/19 and to £2.2m by 2021/22)” recently reported and if the sites don't sell and car parking doesn't generate the income envisaged that could the on-going costs remain at £7.9m for foreseeable future.

Look at bringing the Green Waste processing back into the City creating a green waste to energy centre, to create income from keeping the Green Spaces tidy, and planting up bio fule crops on the current vacant sites around the City. This would save on transport costs and generate sustainable income

Part Time Pay for a Part Time Leader - Facebook Group
Our City needs a full time hand on the tiller not a part time one.
Either do the job full time or give up half your pay to allow someone else to do it. 
Even better stand down and let a real leader who listens to the people do the job properly.

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