Tuesday, 3 April 2012

District Auditor's letter

You will, I assume, have heard about the recent letter sent by the District Auditor to John van de Laarschot regarding concerns raised by the local electorate relating to the City Council's plan to move its offices from the Civic Centre in Stoke to the CBD in Hanley. You will also, of course, be well aware that there is much opposition to this plan from residents, not to mention businesses in Stoke.
In his letter, the District Auditor suggests - probably with an implied "you must do" - that the City Council carry out a list of actions regarding the proposed move to the CBD.
He also mentions that the actions be reported to members of the council and you will, I trust, insist that this means ALL members of the council and not just those in the cabinet.
Can I also remind you that the City Council exists to serve the needs of the local electorate and I therefore call on you all to insist that the results of the actions suggested by the District Auditior be made available to the public. 
Feel free to copy to other councillors !

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